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Bottom & Upper Busbar


Top-Bottom Busbars

The welding ribbon must be firmly welded in the process of connecting the cells in series to avoid the occurrence of false welding. When selecting the welding ribbon, it is necessary to decide which state of the welding ribbon to use according to the characteristics of the selected cell and the overall dimensions of the Module in question. The general selection standard is to determine the thickness of the welding strip according to the thickness of the Cell and the short-circuit current. The width of the welding strip should be consistent with the width of the main deletion line of the battery cell
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We can produce the light- capturing ribbons of which included angle is 60°and 120°.



Due to the light capturing feature of this product, its thickness of solder shouldn't be too big, other-wise, it won't reflect the sunlight. The thickness of solder is recommended to be 5um- 1 5um every side and users are advised to apply conductive paste or solder paste when soldering back- side of silicon solar cells together with the light-reflecting side of ribbons.


Technical Parameters Of Light Capturing Ribbon





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