What is the cause of the offset of the automatic welding machine on the photovoltaic ribbon?

The movement direction of the operating parts of the machine tool and the movement direction of the operated parts must comply with the regulations, and th


A kind of manufacturing method of strip welding strip

At present, the technology of laminated modules is becoming more and more mature. Conductive glue is used for interconnection between laminated cells and laminated cells, and welding strips are connected in series between small strings composed of multiple cells.


Photovoltaic reflective welding tape production method

The reflective welding tape products currently on the market have an embossed upper structure and a smooth lower layer. Although this type of welding tape can also improve the output power of the module


The influence of photovoltaic ribbon on modules and common specifications

PV ribbons are an essential component of every mainstream solar panel, interconnecting solar cells and providing connections to junction boxes. PV ribbons are tinned copper ribbons with a width of 1-6mm, a thickness of 0.08-0.5mm, and a flux coating of 10-30μm thick.


What is the composition of the solder ribbon of solar cells, advantages and disadvantages

Photovoltaic welding tape, also known as tinned copper tape or tin-coated copper tape, is divided into busbar and interconnection strip, and is used in the connection of photovoltaic module cells. Welding ribbon is an important raw material in the welding process of photovoltaic modules. The quality of the welding ribbon will directly affect the current collection efficiency of photovoltaic modules, and has a great impact on the power of photovoltaic modules.


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