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HIT Juction wire


M9-M12 Round Wire

By artificially changing the angle of the reflective surface, the incident angle and the reflection angle can reach the angle we need. Through multiple illumination experiments, it was confirmed that the incident angle was 30°, so that the light incident on the groove of the ribbon was reflected on the glass, and formed a total reflection angle of 60° on the lower surface of the glass, which was reflected to the surface of the cell again.
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Compared with MBB Flat Ribbons, MBB Round Wire has higher we stability and reflectance, obvious optical gain and higher power improvement of the components, and meanwhile, it can reduce the hidden cracks and fragments of the Cells during the welding process. In particular, segmented reflective triangular welding Ribbons can be more relayable.



Dimension   Equilateral Triangle PV Ribbon Segmental Light-capturing L Triangle PV Ribbon for Full Size module Segmental ight-capturing Triangle PV Ribbon for half-cut size module
Triangle Section (mm) Side Length 0.3-0.53 0.3-0.53 0.3-0.53
(mm) Sectional Area Length   155-165 72±1
Flattened Section (mm Flattened Thickness   Can Be Customized  
(mm Sectional Area Length   134-143 78±1
Transition Section (mm) Sectional Area Length   3±0.5 1.5±0.5
(mm) Subsection Length (mm Sectional Area Length   298±2 151±1

Coating thickness and alloy ratio can be customized according to customer requirements



Mainly used in Multi-Basbars Applications.


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